Blake Kowalski


Place of Birth-England

Fighting Style-Mantis Fist



Weight-269 Lbs

Allies-Makros,Tekken Force,Dante D'Lafayette

Enemies-His stepson Steve Fox,Christie Monteiro,Wang Jinrei,Feng Wei,Anna Williams,Nina Williams,Anyone who gets in makros's way , Miguel,eddy gordo,jin kazama

Likes-Making his opponent's suffer


a coldhearted british mercenary he now works for makros the Leader of the zaibatsu,Well known throughout the battlefield as the white mercenary of death,His battling prowess had impressed makros enough in order for the mutant to invite him to join his ranks and help him achieve his goal of immortality.nothing will stop his bloodlust

Debut-Tekken 7


He was responsible for the airraid which killed miguel's sister 3 months ago at the start of KOIFT6

Is the enemy of Miguel

Steve Fox's stepfather and enemy