Don't let him fool you; he's actually quite dangerous

Buddy is a teenage bellhop from the MySims series.


Name: Buddy

Age: 13

Series: MySims

Occupation: Bellhop (MySims, MySims Party, MySims Racing), Royal Messanger (MySims Kingdom), Sketch Artist/Agent (MySims Agents)

Fighting Style: Kendo/Fencing, Kickboxing

Weapon of Choice: Katana (named Yin-Yang)

Friends: Your Character, Goth Boy, Yuki, Violet, Lyndsay, Panda, Xioayou, Anna

Enemies: Devil, Heihachi, Unknown, Morcubus

Ethnicity: Mainly American, possibly some foreign roots (Japanese, British, Russian). It's hard to tell with some MySims characters.


English: Greg Cipes

Japanese: Makoto Yasumura

(Note: He actually speaks, as well as the other MySims characters)


His outfits are Bellhop, Royal Messenger, Street Clothes, and Agent