Christopher "Chris" Jackson

Occupation: Vigilante


Nationality: American

Fighting style: Freestyle Martial Arts (Wrestling, Kickboxing)

Likes-His community, Jin Kazama, King

Dislikes-The Mishimas Bruce Irvin

A young African American whose honorable yet vicious on occasions, the oldest of 3 children. During the events prior to Tekken 3 Heihachi Mishima made a brief stop in the U.S Jin and a few of the Tekken Force were there Jin met Chris and his siblings, they became good friends ever since then Chris has hoped to one day fight Jin however after Tekken 6 he has joined forces with Ling Xioayu to save his soul. Chris idolized the first King and trained with King ll, he used to look up to Bruce Irvin but ever since he joined with Kazuya he's lost respect for him.