JL is a fan-made character in Tekken. He is very tough to defeat. His special moves are a high kick and a strong punch.

Special movesEdit

JL has a move called the high roll kick. It causes the opponite 93% of damage and he uses a fire attack called the flaming fist that cause the opponite 100% of damage.

Entering the King Of Iron Fist TournamentEdit

He enters the King Of Iron Fist Tournament to advenge his father's death and win.

Fighting styleEdit

He was trained by Jin Kazama and Paul Phoenix but he uses Jin's fighting style


His arena is a schools gym with his name in the middle of the floor


He enters with Just A Little Faster by There For Tomorrow and uses The Outsider song by A Perfect Circle though he uses the (apocalypse mix)


1. Jin Kazama

2. Paul Phoenix


1. Kazyua Mishima

2. Hehachi Mishima

3. Ogre

4. Devil

5. Bryan

Devil JLEdit

Devil JL is JL's devil form who appeared in Tekken 7 and in Tekken 8: The Rise Of JL you can unlock him after playing Jin Kazama. Devil JL also defeats Kazuya's devil form. Kazuya never seen anything more powerful then the devil gene in JL. It's possible to use him in both Tekkens but using a cheat code