James Marsden

Age-38[Tekken 7] 37[Tekken 6]


Weight-210 Lbs


Fighting Style-Muay thai


Hobby-Playing on the computer


James was once the Welterweight champion in the world.However his world came to an abrupt end When Kazuya Mshima killed his family.He learned to hone his anger into an weapon and decided to become an muay thai kickboxer.He enters the king of iron fist tournament 6 to get his revenge but is defeated by Anna Williams.14 months later Kazuya became the owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu and announced the king of iron fist tournament 7,however he knows this is a trap orchestrated by Kazuya to lure him out into the open nevertheless he dicdes to enter the tournament to get revenge on Kazuya