Jang-go Hoesaeg

Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin, Ex-NKSOF Soldier,

Nationality: North Korean (formerly)

Alignment: Neutral

Fighting style: Firarms expertise, North Korean Military styled hand to hand combat

Likes: Richard Williams, Nina Williams, Payment, Kazuys Mishima

Dislikes: His Employers, His Country, Wealthy People, Anna Williams, Being Cheated, The De Rochefort family

A former North Korean Special Forces operative and mercenary. He was also the former rival of fellow assassin Richard Williams (Nina and Anna's father), whom he killed when he was hired to guard a man that coincidentally Jang-go was targeting. Despite being his rival, he respected Richard as an equal that he honored his request not to tell Nina or especially Anna that he was the one who killed him. However if Nina and Anna found out the truth, Jang-go that would be prepared to face his punishment for being responsible for their father's death. He also has a beef with the Rochefort family, viewing them as arrogant and sheltered from the horrors of life. Despite his disdain for the rich, he seemed pretty comfortable working for Kazuya Mishima as he always kept his word when came down to his payment in sharp contrast to his previous employers.

His character was inspired by Boba Fett and his father Jango Fett, in fact his ballistic armor bears a resemblance to their armor.