Place Of birth-America


Occupation-Singer and is also a chef

Weight-104 Lbs


Hobby-Drawing Pictures

Likes-Christie Monteiro,Hwoarang,Lee Chaolan,Yoshimitsu,Ganryu,Jack-7,People praising her food

Dislikes-Kunimitsu,Lars Alexandersson,Jin Kazama,Kazuya Mishima,Heihachi Mishima,Feng Wei,Bryan Fury,Eddy Gordo[Also it really isn't dislike on par with hatred she wants to save his soul] People who say her food sucks[Although she seems to respect their opinion]

Story-Jessica is a singer who also works in her spare time as a chef,hearing from her friend Christie that eddy gordo had become a ruthless killer she intends to enter the KOITF 7 to save Eddy's soul and to show people her culinary prowess is legit

Story-A singer who works in her spare days as a chef Jessica heard