a young condoning and kindhearted african american man who studied the arts of Capoeira, Jet Kune Do, and Ninjitsu and combined them in to one Fighting style called Enigmo which is extremely devastating as it is Unpredictible, in order to learn these fightings styles he trained with the likes of Raven, Marshall Law, Yoshimitsu, and Christie Monteiro, during his travels he heard that Christie, his Friend Mamita, and his close friend Nephertiti was Kidnapped by Mishma Zabatsu, In order to rescue his Lady friends he entered the King of the Iron fist tournement 7 and stop the Evil deeds of the once noble but now corrupted C.E.O of Mishma Zabatsu Jin Kazama but they is a wild card in the fray Christie's mentor and love instrest turned ruthless killer Eddy Gordo.