Ren Kazakuro


Fighting Style:Boxing/Brawling


Likes:Helping people, His bike, A good fight

Dislikes:The Mishimas, Mishima Zaibatsu, G-Corporation, Azazel

Debut: Tekken 7

Story: Ren was a biker until he crashed on a road near Azazel's temple and was hospitalized. However, when Ren awoke, he noticed that many things about his appearance have changed. His once hazel eyes were now red, his hair had gone white and a mark has appeared on his right arm. This mark is the same one Jin bares on his left arm. As he realizes what has happened to him, an old man appears and reveals himself as Heihachi Mishima and tells him that something has triggered the Devil Gene within him apparently but he cannot control it that well because he is not a Mishima. Heihachi then challenges him to a fight to see "If you're worth a damn.". Enraged, Ren accepts and does battle with Heihachi. Ren holds his own until The Tekken Force arrives with Kazuya at the lead. Ren and Heihachi retreat, swearing to face each other again.Whilst on the run from the Tekken Force, he meets Lars, its former commander. Ren tells his predicament and Lars agrees to help him. The two enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament. While fighting, he meets an unexpected figure, Jin Kazama, who has faked his own death and the two battle. Ren wins but just as he is about to walk away, Jin becomes Devil Jin and nearly kills Ren until Lars steps in and the duo beat back Jin's attacks. Devil Jin retreats and vows to fight him again and " turn him into a rotting corpse". Later on, Ren encounters Heihachi again and the two fight. This time, Ren overpowers Heihachi and beats him down. Heihachi than tells him what happened. While Ren was unconscious during the crash, Azazel had appeared in spectral form and given Ren all of the power he had left due to the fact that his body was destroyed during his battle with Jin. Heihachi had witnessed this from a nearby cliffside and stayed because he wanted to see the Devil Gene kill him. Ren calls him a sick bastard and kills him. Ren and Lars than confront Kazuya but Kazuya easily defeats Ren and kills Lars. Suddenly, Jin arrives in normal form and defeats Kazuya. Jin than helps Ren up and says " Only one of us can lead the Mishima Zaibatsu.". Ren replies "As much as I want to say no, I can't let you do what you did last time.", referencing the events of Tekken 6. The two fight and Ren defeats Jin but lets him live because he believes that with help, Jin can become a better person. Ren's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Character Relationships

Jin Kazama: Friendly rival

Lars: Ally, good friend

Heihachi Mishima: Hates, worst enemy

Kazuya Mishima: Enemy