Rin is introduced in Tekken as a special character and a friend of Asuka Kazama. She used to train at the Kazama Dojo with her and their friends and she partices kendo. Her hobbies are cleaning up, gardening, dancing and spend time with her friends. She nocites Asuka is missing because she enters the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to fight Feng Wei because he attacks the Dojo. Rin knows because she watches the news when she's in a flower shop and saw Asuka came back home. She cheers Asuka up because she's disappointed that Feng Wei did not show up for a fight. Rin told her she will fight him in the next Tournament and Asuka argees with her and they spend time having fun together and visit her father at the hospital.
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Rin in Tekken 6

However, their life didn't stay peaceful for long because they discovered that Jin Kazama was the man responsible for the terrible war going on all over the world. Asuka says to Rin she must enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 in order to capture Jin Kazama. Rin is worried about her safety but Asuka makes Rin as her tag team partner in the Scenario Campaign she's one of the fighters sent by Asuka to fight anyone who attacks the dojo.


Rin's appearance is her brown ponytail hair, wearing street clothes and in the Kazama Dojo she wears White and black fighting gear similar to Asuka's but different, she wears shorts, foot pads and sometime carries a sword or not.

In Game AppearanceEdit

  • In Tekken 6 game she's been made by custom Asuka Kazama and sometimes give her two or one sword. She can wear any clothing and any colours. First and second costumes.
  • I also played her into the Scenario Campaign in any levels.
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