Name-Sioshi Marokama

Occupation-Sumo Wrestler[Formerly],Member of G corporation

Fighting Style-Sumo

Height-6 Ft 9 In

Weight-420 Lbs

Place of Birth-Japan


Likes-Kazuya Mishima,G corporation

Dislikes-Leo,Those who interfere with Kazuya's Plans

Story-Sioshi was once a feared and repsected sumo wrestler,however he one day put an opponent into the hospital because he didn't like what he had to say about him so he was permanently suspended. His hatred consumed his soul and he was bitter against the President of the sumo wrestling organization. One day he was found by Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya noticed an anger within him that would make him an invaluable ally to G corporation. Sioshi accepts Kazuya's Offer to join the G corporation.