Sonic the Hedgehog is a character which appears in "Tekken X Sonic". He is the main character in the Sonic series, with the ability of super speed, a power which no doubt comes in handy in fights. He is a good guy but may sometimes be too cocky when facing an opponent, nevertheless he is a skilled fighter and is a force to be reckoned with.

Sonic Begin Quotes:Edit

  • "Is THIS my opponent?"
  • "Too easy..."
  • "*Speeds all around the stage and then comes to a stop in front of the opponent and grins*"

Sonic Win Quotes:Edit

  • "Ehehehehe....."
  • "No challenge!"
  • "Come back when your for real!"


Stage 4 - Amy Rose: Amy is shouting in glee that she has finally found Sonic, however Sonic doesn't return the same feeling. Amy then tells him "Hahaha...oh it doesn't matter can't escape when you are unconscious ;)". Sonic just replies with "Hmm....I'll get a well-deserved break while you're unconscious :P" The two then begin to fight. After the fight is over, Amy is shown lying on the ground, knocked out cold. Sonic then talks about how fun that was, and they should definetly do it again sometime ;).

NOTE: If you lose the fight, a special lose cutscene will be played with the unconscious Sonic in Amy's lap, with her stroking Sonic's face gently, and her saying "You could never escape from me Sonic~ My mission is complete!~"