"in order to see the light, you must undergo the darkness"

Tekken: Darkest Hours is the game which sets the climax of the spin-off future tekken series, it is also the sequel to Tekken: Punishment.

Story Edit

During Punishment, we witnessed Lucas and Doragon's battle, it ended up with Lucas successfully defeating him, but then, Kazmierz arrives to the scene and fights Lucas, beating him to near death, only to be saved by Black Jack and White Lion. Kazmierz drains the devil gene off of Doragon and becomes extremely powerful, but with their combined might, they defeated the empowered Kazmierz, at the coast of Black Jack's life of course.

After the events of Punishment, Lucas Alexandersson had fully destroyed the entire world domination plot, and the world may finally be at peace, but the world suddenly turns at this, the mishimas and the kazamas must pay for their wrong doings, it's the world against them and to prevent mass destruction, a tournament, a fighting tournament has been started.

The story ends with Lucas' battle against "Jackson", who he defeats, Jackal arrives to tell him that the most dangerous contender, who killed all the other contenders (excluding a few) had arrived. The killer contender (who oh so happens to be Wildcard, the mysterious character from Tekken 1) arrives (in the form of Unknown's black wolf). Lucas and Raven fail to defeat the dangerous dark being, who had mercilessly copied all of the moves of all of the fighters. Luckily however, Blue Tiger, White Lion, Doug, Tony Phoenix, Tabitha Phoenix and Lezaza arrive.

The battle was big, causing mass amounts of damage for such fighters, in the end, Doug sacrifices his life in order for Blue Tiger to crush Wildcard's skull with an empowered shining wizard.

The entire bloodline was finished, Blue Tiger, White Lion, Tony, Tabitha and Lezaza are given medals for bravery, a medal is given to Doug as well, for his sacrifice and major contribution in the defeat of the monster, and rebellion against the mishima/kazama.

And with that, the mishimas and kazamas, and probably the king of iron fist tournament, had finally come to a close.

Or has it?

Characters Edit

Returning characters

  • All playable characters in both Tekken: New Era and Tekken: Punishment (excluding Doragon, Black Jack, New Gigas, Rage and Kazmierz)

New characters

  • Devil Leonara
  • Jackson (the strongest form of all the jacks)
  • Katalina (daughter of Katarina)
  • Bobcat (Jackal's partner and also student of Raven)
  • Cefarino (an agent for the CIA, there in order to end the zaibatsu)
  • Dark Xiaoyu (Ling Xiaoyu, possessed by a dark spirit after her death)
  • Robo-Jin (Jin, but now a cyborg after his death)
  • Rad Rage (Rage, but currently different, now much more mechanical, and destructive, with a new fighting style and all)
  • Monochrome Gigas (Gigas in his most powerful installment and form)