Tekken: New Era is a spin off of the Tekken games where the descendants of the main Tekken characters now fight in the new king of iron fist tournament.

Plot Edit

Jin Kazama holds a new king of iron fist tournament. Many new people enter, most of them being the descendants of previous fighters. Some fight for the 5 million dollar prize, some fight for answers.

the tournament goes on, until finally, Armor king III (the third armor king) defeats Dr. Abel and now has to fight Jin, who transforms into Devil Jin. Armor King succeeds in defeating Devil Jin and wins the prize money.

Characters Edit

  • Armor King III (son of Armor king II and Jaycee)
  • John Kazama (son of Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu)
  • Doragon Kazama (son of Jin Kazama and Emily Rochefort)
  • Leonara Kazama (daughter of Jin Kazama and Emily Rochefort)
  • Tony Phoenix (son of Paul Phoenix)
  • Tabitha Phoenix (daughter of Paul Phoenix)
  • Edward Fox (son of Steve Fox and Leo Kleisen)
  • Velvet Bosconovitch (newer model of Alisa Bosconovitch)
  • King III (an new person takes on the title as "king")
  • Ti (son of Hwoarang)
  • Zhenikh Dragunov (son of Sergri Dragunov and Eliza)
  • Edgar Chaolan (son of Lee Chaolan and Anna Williams)
  • Black Jack (newer model of Jack)
  • Combat Law (son of Forrest Law)
  • Dr. Abel (an evil scientists who created the jacks, now he's very muscular and wants the Devil gene)
  • Yoshimitsu (a new Yoshimitsu)
  • Jackal (Raven's top student, he takes Raven's place after Raven's sudden dissapearance)
  • Mitsu (daughter of Kunimitsu)
  • Systeria (Miguel's sister who was revived by Dr. Abel and has no memory of her past)
  • Amanda Gordo (daughter of Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro)
  • Lucas Alexanderson (son of Lars Alexanderson)

Bosses Edit

The final boss is Devil Jin

Nancy-MI847J is an extra round boss

Stages Edit

  • Shattered Nirvana
  • Shockwave snow mountain
  • Dragon's golden shipwreck
  • Streets of Monaco
  • Mysterious backside
  • Chiseled Gears
  • Mortal torture trap
  • Snow castle (the same one in Tekken 5, final boss stage)
  • Extra stage (Nancy-MI847J stage)

100 stage mode Edit

100 stage mode is a challenge mode where you have to fight 100 stages at ultra hard difficulty.

at stage 50, Angel appears as a boss battle

at stage 100, Azazel appears as a boss battle