Tekken: Punishment is the sequel to Tekken: New Era.

Plot Edit

After Jin's death, his eldest son John was next in line, but was challenged by Doragon. Doragon defeats John in an intense fight. Doragon now owns the Mishima zaibatsu, however, his cousin (or half cousin) Lucas Alexanderson rebels against him and instead of war and bloodshed, a one on one fight will be ensued. But Doragon fights dirty with this, and suggests a tournament instead. But little does Lucas or the other competitors know about Doragon's secret weapon.

Characters Edit

Returning fighters:

  • John Kazama
  • Doragon Kazama
  • Leonara Kazama
  • Systeria
  • King III
  • Ti
  • Tony Phoenix
  • Tabitha Phoenix
  • Lucas Alexanderson
  • Velvet Bosconivitch
  • Edgar Chaolan
  • Edward Fox
  • Black Jack
  • Zhenikh Dragunov
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Mitsu
  • Jackal
  • Amanda Gordo

New fighters:

  • Robot Mishima (a version of combot created by "Violet" which mimics Mishima style karate)
  • Mystic [an unknown person who resembles Ling Xiaoyu but also holds the devil gene and has the same fighting style(Ling Xiaoyu died when John was at the age of 8)]
  • White Lion (Armor King III's best friend and tag partner in tag team wrestling matches, he takes his place in this tournament)
  • Combat Law (son of Forest Law)
  • Gerald Williams [son of Nina Williams and Jin Kazama(it's a long story)]
  • Lezaza (a girl unknown, it she may have a connection to Zafina, as well as Azazel)
  • Rage (Bryan's "son")
  • Sakran (son of Shaheen)
  • Dark Paws (daughter of Lucky Chloe)
  • New Gigas
  • Ren (a hong kong cop who tries to solve the dissapearance on Lei Wu Long) (crane style kung fu)
  • Claudio Sarafino Jr. (Son of Claudio Sarafino)
  • Kazimierz (a demon from Greece) (pankration)
  • Agafya (a Greek girl who searches for Kazimerz) (pankration)
  • Doug (an exconvict ho fights for money) (jailhouse rock)
  • Sarah (a girl from Peru who also fights for money) (bakom)

Other things Edit

  • customization
  • team battle
  • gold rush
  • tekken bowl
  • survival
  • online battle

Arenas Edit

  • American firework blitz
  • Austrailian Outback
  • Acropolis (returning Tekken 1 stage) (unlockable by beating 5 opponents consecutively in team battle)
  • Freezing Tempratures
  • Lava island
  • Galactic Viloence
  • Finalizer (returning Tekken 5 stage) (unlockable by winning 10 stages of survival on hard or higher)
  • Singapore zoo Lion enclosure
  • Marist Oval
  • Chicago (returning Tekken 1 stage) (unlockable by beating all 8 opponents consecutively in team battle)
  • broken church remains
  • Hidden retreat (returning Tekken 6 stage) (unlockable by fighting in all stages)
  • Torture Orchestra