Tekken: The Beginning is a video game made by me which tells the story of how Tekken was created, and describes the first Iron Fist Tournament which used to be called The Tekken Tournament.


  • Malachi Mishima: The founder of the Tekken Corp and son of Cotacachi Mishima. He is also the grandfather of Heihachi Mishima. The Tekken Corp was founded by Malachi, since his dream (and also his father's) was to make a fighting corporation that would entertain the whole world so they can get money.
  • Diana Chang: Malachi's companion/sidekick and one of the co-founders of the Tekken Corp. She is the mother of Michelle Chang. Five days after Michelle was born, Diana died after being assassinated by the Jacks, but the Jacks were disabled and Michelle was taken to her father.
  • Ho Chi Myong: Malachi's best friend and one of the co-founders of Tekken. He is the grandfather of Christie Monteiro, except he is 13 years old in this game. Born to a middle class brazilian family, Myong was trained by his father, Argo, but after his village was broken to pieces, he escaped Brazil by sneaking into a plane. He trained hard until he met Malachi.
  • Don Law: Malachi's companion and one of the co-founders of Tekken. He is the grandfather of Marshall Law and great grandfather to Forrest Law. Don knows Kung Fu (unlikely to Marshall and Forrest's style, Jeet Kune Do) and can take down most people that get in his way. He lived to a poor family, until he got rich after winning 5 fights.
  • Dashan Chaolan: Malachi's former trainer and the main antagonist of Tekken: The Beginning. He tought Malachi the way of Advanced Self Defense, and afterwards, Malachi taught himself his own karate style. When Tekken was created, he wanted to be in the final match against Malachi. Dashan beaten 17 people to get Malachi to fight him. Dashan is the