Bob-During the last tournament Bob had managed to defeat Ganryu settling a bitter rivalry.However he had lost 270 Lbs and was a very measly 150 lbs this frustrated him to no end just then an invitation for the king of iron fist tournament 7 was given to him.He enters the tournament hellbent on regaining hs lost weigh .

Yoshimitsu-Yoshimitsu had succeeded in avenging his slain comrades but something new troubles him he has heard from his living clansmembers that makros a demon from the pits of hell walks the earth searching for immortality. He gasps in shock at this troubling piece of info and when makros announces the King of iron fist tournament 7 he enters the tournament to put an end to makros's tyranny and dethrone him as leader of the zaibatsu.

Roger Jr.-Roger Jr and his mom had participated in the king of iron fist tournament 6 however they had lost and were unable to find economic stability. they were living on hard times however when someone unexpected showed up it was her ex-husband and his friend alex.They explain to Roger Jr. and his mom that a new tournament is being held. Giddy at the prospect of finding some Economic stability she decides to enter the tournament.

Anna Williams-Anna finally defeated nina dring the previous tournament and her life returned to normal. However the normalcy was only temporary. She hears of makros a demon from hell who seeks immortality. She tells this troubling info to her sister who is just as troubled as her. She and nina who have finally made amends decide to join the resistance led by Julia Chang and Jin Kazama.

Jun Kazama-Jun Kazama was attacked by ogre more than 20 years ago but survived she has been in seclusion ever since,21 years later she hears of makros a demon spawn from hell who seeks immortality so he can enslave the world.She looks to her father for advice and is told you must defeat makrs with this troubling thought in her mind she set out to snuff makros's flame