Uku Saikuru

Age: 18

Occupation: Student, Street Fighter, Student of Jinpachi Misima

Height: 5'10

Nationality: Japanese

Alignment: Good

Fighting style: Mishima Style Fighting Karate

Likes- Jinpachi Misima, Asuka Kazama, Chris Jackson, Ling Xiaoyu, Max Davis, Panda, Marshall Law and his cooking, Lili (sometimes), King

Dislikes- Bryan Fury, Lili (sometimes), Hwoarang, Paul Phoenix, Jin Kazama (archenemy)

The grandson of a former student of Jinpachi Misima (whom was later revived and became his master and father figure), Uku was a passionate practitioner of  Mishima Style Karate. After Jin took over the Mishima Zaibatsu and started a war, a Tekken Force unit bombed his home town and killed his parents and his infant brother, leading Uku to developed a thirst for revenge towards Jin and the Zaibatsu. After the attack, a revived Jinpachi Mishima took him under his wing and trained him in the advanced set of Mishima Karate. When he was transferred to Asuka's high school, he met up with her and became friends with her along with Max, Leo and Xiaoyu. In addition to being Asuka's friend, Uku harbored romantic feelings for her and would constantly butt in to break up her fights with Lili. Despite his thirst for revenge, Uku is devoted friend and an honorable fighter who often shows mercy towards his opponents and feels compassion even for his enemies (he even let Jin live, so he could face up to what's done).