(This continues from where Xiyaou's movie left off) ^_^

  • Asuka & Lili are shown to be chasing Panda & Xiyaou*

Lili: Don't let her get away!

Asuka: Stop right this instant!

  • They have almost caught up to Xiyaou & Panda*

Xiyaou: Oye?? Panda....stop!

  • Panda & Xiyaou stop and face Asuka & Lili*

Lili: How dare you interrupt us like that~?

Asuka: How about we teach you a lesson eh?

Panda & Xiyaou: *shrug*

Lili: And what is that ridiculous panda bear you have~?

Xiyaou: Ridiculous?

Lili: disgusting~

Panda: RAWR!!! >:C *Slaps Lili hard across the face*

Lili: *Get's sent flying across to a wall* Ughh~~ @.@

Asuka: Hey alright?

Lili: *Knocked out cold*

Asuka: *smirks* Well...looks like I'll just have to take you's on by myself! *charges at Panda*

Xiyaou: Ohh nooo you don't! >:3 *runs in front of Panda and blocks the attack*

Asuka: Not bad....*engages in hand-to-hand combat with Xiyaou*

Xiyaou: Hya! Take that! >:3 *hand-to-hand combat*

Asuka: You are a worthy opponent.... *hand-to-hand combat*

Panda: RAWR!! (Xiyaou!!) >:C *Tries to slap Asuka*

Asuka: Woah! :O *Stands behind the unconscious Lili and holds her up*

Lili: *regains consciousness* Ughh...where am I?~ *Gets instantly slapped by Panda*

Lili: Urgh.. *Knocked out cold again* x_x

Asuka: *tries to fight Xiyaou and Panda at the same time, but they have the upper-hand*

Xiyaou: Muhehehe >:3 Good job Panda! :3

Panda: Rawrr :33

Asuka: Damnit...this is not going well....I need Lili with me!

Asuka: *runs over to Lili* Oye Lili! wake up!

Lili: *KO'ed*

Asuka: *Slaps Lili* c'mon gal...thought you were tougher then this!

Xiyaou & Panda: *catches up to Asuka*

Xiyaou: Panda you ready? >:3

Panda: Rawr!!! (Let's do it!)

Panda & Xiyaou: *Team attack!! Xiyaou & Panda both punch & kick & slap Asuka*

Asuka: Lili hurry up! I don't have much time until- *gets hit by Xiyaou and Panda's attack*

Xiyaou: That ought ta knock her out! >:3

Panda: Rawr^_^ (Totally!)

Asuka: ohhhh....*knocked unconscious*

Xiyaou & Panda: *HI-5!*

Xiyaou: Oyee?? What's this?? :3 *sees Asuka's lunch* Panda, why not treat yourself to a reward, you deserve it! ^_^

Panda: *chews on Asuka*

Xiyaou: Nu silly :P Her lunch box :3

Panda: *happily nomnoms on Asuka's lunch*

~The end~