Asuka: *begins to wake up*

Lili: *starting to wake up aswell*

Asuka: Ughh...what just happened?? Dx

Lili: Oww...Ghee I don't know....

Asuka: Why does my head feel like it was chewed upon by a large bear? Dx

Lili: Yeah I know righ.....actually I don't feel that :0

Asuka: Hold on...I think it's coming back to me...we were fighting this girl and this large animal...

Lili: OHH yep I think I remember that quite well~ GRR this is the first day of school and I've been knocked out like 3 times~ D<

Asuka: Oh my gawd that reminds me...SCHOOL!!?? HOW LONG WERE WE OUT?? D:

Lili: Oh nooo, I have no idea.... DX QUICK let's go!!! *speeds off!*

Asuka: *quickly flees aswell*

(Sometime later...)

Lili: *pant pant* We're nearly there..... >:0

Asuka: RUN RUN RUN!! :0

(Both arrive at the school gates)

Asuka: You see anyone Lili? :0

Lili: Nope~ Aww I think we happen to be late....

Asuka: D< Oh well, let's go check in with the principal, hopefully he can help us :0

Lili: Sounds like a good idea~

(Principal's office)

  • Asuka & Lili walk in*

Principal: Mmmhmm I see you two girls are late.

Lili: Yeah that is right, BUT WE HAVE A GOOD REASON!~

Principal: What does this have to do with chicken soup!?

Lili: ........HUH? @_@

Asuka: This has nothing to do with chicken soup?? We have a reason for being late sir! :0

Principal: Reason?

Lili: YES! :3

Principal: Well go on let's hear it...

Lili: Well first, we-

Principal: WHAT??? >_<

Lili: Mr....let me finish-

Asuka: Wait a minute hold on....I think I read on the school booklets that our principal has hearing problems :0

Lili: Just how are we going to tell him then?~

Principal: Death problem? I DON'T WANT TO DIE!! D:

Lili: See?~ D<

Asuka: Hold on...I got a plan! :D Do what I do...MR. PRINCIPAL, WE RUN TO SCHOOL *starts imitating a running person*

Lili: Ohhh yes I get it~ *starts imitating aswell*

Principal: Oh yes, running...

Lili: This girl, cause us to fall over!~

Asuka & Lili: *Fall over onto the ground*

Principal: Ahh....

Asuka: We catch up to her and fight! :0

Asuka & Lili: *attacking the air*

Principal: Aye??? @_@

Asuka: She punch us and knock us out :0

Lili: Wait, don't actually knock me out-

Asuka: *Throws a solid punch at Lili*

Lili: *hits the ground unconscious* X_X


Asuka: But I was just!?.......Aww, alright.... >_< There's no point in talking with this guy.... >_> *leaves the room*.

(Half-an-hour later)

Lili: *waking up* head is throbbing x_x......this is the 4th time I've been knocked out today -_- Principal, am I off the hook? :0

Principal: YOU GET A DETENTION! >:0 Missing classes so you can doze off aye?? >:C BEGONE!!

Lili: But that isn't fair I was unconscious the entire time right in front of you!?!? AHH forget it....there's no reasoning with this guy -_-

Principal: ? :0 Chicken soup? :0

~The End~