It is recess time as Asuka and Lili and shown playing with each other

Asuka: Hehehe this is awesome!! :D

Lili: You said it pal!~

Asuka: Your my best friend!!

Lili: are you Asuka~ <3 We were such idiots before, now, we will combine our fighting prowess to form an even tougher opponent~ >:D

Asuka: I know right!! xD Now let's go- *she is interrupted by what appears to be a bully approaching Asuka*

Bully: Oi you, you think your so cool huh? walkin' around trying to look tough? Maybe you need a lesson..

Just then, Lili steps in front of Asuka to defend her

Lili: You don't look so strong~ I can take you~

A large crowd appears in the hopes that they will see a good fight.

Bully: Hahaha....Well maybe because I'm not the-

Lili: Shut it, I've heard enough of your hide~ *punches the bully in the air then kicks her straight down to the ground and kicks her to the side*

Lili: Hmph, easy~

The bully is shown knocked out on the ground. The crowd is now suddenly shocked.

Asuka: Uhh Lili....That wasn't... Dx

Lili: Aye? :0 What do you mean?~

Guy in the crowd: You just knocked out the bully......'s sister... xD

At that moment, an aggressive she-hulk marches up to the crowd, pushing aside a portion of the crowd and sees her dear sister KO'd.

Big Bully: WHAT THE ****??? WHO DID THIS....

The crowd all points to a cowering Lili and Asuka.

Big Bully: *Angrily walks right up to Lili* YOU WANNA FIGHT? >:(

Lili: just look so big and strong! Dx

Asuka: Hey, Lili, ur an amazing fighter, you're a strong girl aswell! I know you can do this!! D:

Big Bully: Could we hurry it up please...I must care to my sister D<

Lili: Alright....OK! I can do this, I got this~ Hey you big ape!~ You're nothing but a dumb little-*

Big Bully: *Effortlessly punches Lili hard in the jaw*

Lili: X_X ..........*Falls unconscious to the ground in an instant*

Crowd: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

The crowd all start cheering

Asuka: Oh no...Lili!! D: *runs up to the out cold Lili* C'mon...wake up..... Dx

Big Bully: Hey you....Friend of that loser.....If you care about her so much..why don't you care to join her? :) *walks up to Asuka*

Asuka: Woahhh..... Uhh we don't have to do this you'll already taken out your stress-

Bully: *Sends a solid punch to Asuka which knocks her out cold aswell, on top of Lili*

The crowd begin laughing and are pulling out thier cameras... After some while, the bell for end of recess rings and the crowd disperses, and Asuka and Lili are left unconscious on the ground, for the rest of the school day.

~The End?~