White Lion is a wrestler and best friend of the King III and Armor King III, he made his debut in Tekken: Punishment

General Info Edit

Full Name: ???

Age: ???

Fighting style: Pro Wrestling

Height: 6"10"

Type: grappler

moveset focuses on: Vigor

likes: Armor King III, King III, Jaycee, doing the consecutive ground moonsault.

dislikes: anyone who gets in his way of his goal, cheaters

Models Edit

1p model: He is wearing a tag team champions' belt, blue jogging pants, a leather jacket with a white undershirt inside and a white lion mask. Also leather shoes.

2p model: He is wearing black jogging pants, a white sando, sandals and his White Lion mask.

Black Lion (unlockable by winning story mode with White Lion): The same as the 1p model, except instead of a leather jacket, he wears some arm bands and instead of a white lion mask, he wears a black lion mask.

Aztec (unlockable by performing a 10 hit combo in an online match): He wears some emerald, red and gold armor and leggings, as well as boots, He wears an emerald mirror looking lion mask that has some feathers on the side.

Ending Edit

In his Tekken: Punishment ending, he is seen fighting in a 2v1 handicap match with the third armor king against Ancient Ogre.

The third armor king is losing his match against this new threat, Ancient Ogre kicks Armor King off the ring. But Armor king tags White Lion mid-fall.

White Lion german suplexes Ancient Ogre, and then goes for a giant swing, Ancient ogre gets up, and gets a super kick to the face. White Lion then uses another german Suplex on Ancient Ogre. He quickly runs to the turnbuckle and goes for his signature moonsault, and then right after, goes for his consecutive ground moonsault to finish the job. Armor King III gets back in the ring, and pins Ogre.

They win, and Ancient Ogre fades.

Not so far, on the top seats, King II, with King III watch them, and they clap their hands along with the crowd.